Episode 25: Derek Schuurman, PhD, Computer Scientist, Engineer, Author and Professor at Calvin University

Episode 24: Leslie Wickman, PhD, Scientist, Engineer, Author, Athlete & Professor at California Baptist University and Azusa Pacific University

Episode 23: Ian Hutchinson, PhD, Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center

Episode 22: Andy Walsh, PhD, Author, Biologist and Chief Science Officer at Health Monitoring Systems

Episode 21: Henry Kaestner, former CEO and Chairman of Bandwidth, Managing Partner of Sovereign’s Capital

Episode 20: Fazale "Fuz" Rana PhD, Biochemist, Vice President of Reasons to Believe

Episode 19: Fr. Eric Salobir, Catholic priest and CEO of OPTIC Technology

Episode 18: Dr. Robert J. Buchanan, Associate Professor University of Texas, Director of Epilepsy Surgery and Deep Brain Stimulation (Seton Brain and Spine Institute), Chief of Neurosurgery (Seton Family of Hospitals), Chief of Neurosurgery (Seton Brain and Spine Institute)

Episode 17: Hugh Ross, PhD of Reasons to Believe

Episode 16: Father Robert J. Spitzer, SJ, PhD of the Magis Center

Episode 15: Karin Öberg, PhD Harvard University Professor of Astronomy

Episode 14: Gerald Cleaver, PhD Baylor University Professor and Graduate Program Director for Department of Physics, Division Head for Center of Astrophysics

Episode 13: Victor Ho, CEO and Co-Founder of FiveStars

Episode 12: Stephen Barr, PhD University of Delaware Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Episode 11: Stacy TrasancosPhD Scientist, Theologian, Homeschool Mom, Teacher and Author

Episode 10: Michael Dennin, PhD University of Irvine Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Dean of Undergraduate Division and Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning

Episode 9: Mark McClain, CEO and Co-founder of SailPoint

Episode 8: Daniel Kuebler, PhD Franciscan University Professor & Department Chair of Biology

Episode 7: Tom Rudelius, PhD Institute for Advanced Studies of Theoretical Physics

Episode 6: Skip Vaccarello, Author and Technology Executive

Episode 5: Clare Yu, PhD University of Irvine Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Episode 4: Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware

Episode 3: Jonathan Feng, PhD University of Irvine Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Episode 2: Neil Ahlsten, CEO and Co-Founder of Carpenters Code and Abide

Episode 1: Jonathan I. Lunine, PhD Cornell University Professor of Physical Sciences