Update: new podcast, interview and our book

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August has been an incredibly busy and very exciting month for us at Purpose Nation. We successfully launched an updated website, launched the new podcast and we continue to conduct new interviews with top scientists and technology leaders. On top of all this, we are making progress with writing our book and planning many things for 2018 (God willing).

We are blessed to have been interviewed in our very first week of being live with the podcast.  Brad was a guest on SiriusXM Radio on The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on The Catholic Channel.  We weren’t looking to generate any media or press attention yet, but God somehow led Jennifer to us and we’re thankful that she had Brad on the show.

If you haven’t already, please listen to that interview with Jennifer as it gives you a good idea of why God called us to start Purpose Nation and some of the background on the opportunities and challenges we face as Christians in a modern, scientific and technical world.

Initially, in doing research for the book, we began speaking with top scientists and technologists. We found their stories to be so compelling that, rather than waiting for the book to come out, we decided to share these inspiring stories via the podcast.

Although we had not initially planned to have a podcast (nor had we ever done one before), we felt God was giving us the hint that He wanted these stories of what He had done through these amazing people to be shared with others.  Hence the podcast was launched and we are very thankful that we’ve already seen thousands of listeners and viewers.  God is good, thank you for the support!

In the course of doing the interviews and getting feedback from listeners and others, the other incredibly humbling thing we have seen is that the first words we normally hear are, “Thank you.”  Or we hear, “Thank you for doing this, we desperately need more Christians in these fields.”  These are the types of comments we hear from the top scientists and technologists we have been speaking with and, while it is incredibly humbling (and a little daunting), it helps to affirm that God has us on the right track.

And in reality, we are the ones who should be thanking these scientists and technologists. And, of course, we all should be thanking and giving all glory to our God for calling His people into service and for the wonders and gifts He gives us in the form of His nature and His tools that we may use to heal the sick and to love and serve each other. 

Purpose Nation will always be God’s ministry, through and through -- this is never about us, but always will be about Him and what He has done and continues to do to call His people into service in these science and technology fields.  We are simply servants and stewards, called to do His work.

We continue to be amazed and grateful to our Lord for calling us into this ministry and are grateful for all the support of the people we have interviewed and the support we have had from all of you.

This is a 100% volunteer endeavor for us right now as Brad continues to work full-time as a high-tech software executive and both he and his wife are full-time raising a family and active in other endeavors.

We thank you for your support and for your prayers that God will use Purpose Nation for His purposes and that He will use it to encourage Catholics and Christians to pray for a calling in science and technology!