BRAD Cooper and lisa COOPER, Co-founders

Brad Cooper and Lisa Cooper have been actively involved in technology, education and their Christian faith. They both have a passion for doing God's work through the work of Purpose Nation. 

Brad is currently the CEO of HumanRadius, a think tank and start-up based in Orange County, California. He has spent more than 25 years working in technology, media and non-profit industries. He has worked in technology companies including Apple, Xerox and Quantum; entertainment and media companies, like MGM Studios; and high-growth technology start-ups. Brad is also an technology inventor, submitting patent applications before the “Alice” decision and other trends in patent law have made him more of a supporter of open technology.

Lisa grew up in Silicon Valley after she and her family emigrated from Vietnam to America in 1975 and not long after became a proud Vietnamese-American. After working for several high-tech companies including Apple and Epson, she took up her most challenging and rewarding vocations: wife, mother and home educator. 

Brad and Lisa also founded and previously owned a social networking website (before its time) called LivePlanet. LivePlanet was eventually acquired by, among others, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. 

Brad also served as a Christian servant-leader and executive at World Vision, an international Christian humanitarian organization helping millions of families and children around the world. In his time at World Vision, he led the internet engagement division, helping to connect Christians with projects around the world.  Using digital technologies, Brad and his team brought in sponsors for more than 100,000 children in need, contributing ~$100 million in long-term resources to these children and their communities. 

Brad and Lisa are also strong believers in improving education and have written education proposals that have been covered by education media. They also manage one of the largest education groups on LinkedIn with ~45,000 educators and parent members:

Brad graduated with a Bachelor’s of Commerce from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia. He's a former physics major (later called into technology) and still an avid science and tech geek and lover of every new tech gadget. 

Lisa is a devout and active Catholic and is especially driven to encourage children and young adults to explore fields of science and to use God’s gifts to help cure disease and ease suffering. Lisa received her Bachelors of Science Degree in Marketing with a minor in Economics from San Jose State University.

Both Brad and Lisa have been active in their local Catholic Christian parish community and Christian schools. 

After spending many years in Silicon Valley, several interesting years in L.A./Hollywood, and a few rainy years in Seattle, Brad, Lisa and their two boys now live in sunny Orange County, California.