Our Purpose

We will serve God by encouraging church-going Christians to pray for careers in, and service within, the areas of science, technology and other industries of the future. We will work to equip and prepare believers for the coming changes in science and technology and to be an active part of using God’s gifts for His glory and serving His people.

History and Current Work

After more than 25 years in technology, with a deep love and respect for science, and with several key life-events, we have been called to form Purpose Nation. 

The organization was formed in late 2012 and became a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry in late 2016. Our podcast started in 2017 and has nearly 150,000 total listens. In 2018 we conducted a ground-breaking research study that will be published soon.

In 2019, we are writing a book and planning for local chapters, mentoring tools and programs and gatherings.

High-level Goals


    • Increase the representation of church-going Christians working in science and technology fields, especially those who are in leadership positions within these fields.


    • Increase the number and impact of discoveries and technologies made by church-going Christians working in science and technology and promote these discoveries to increase public awareness of them.


    • Improve the perception church-going Christians have about science and technology, and likewise change the non-Christian science and technology practitioner’s perception of Christians and the Christian faith.


    • Provide educational tools, encouragement, funds, mentoring and other resources to church-going Christians pursuing careers and impact in science and technology fields.


    • Follow our calling to honor, love and serve our God and each other.

Specific Projects in 2019

  • Produce and promote podcast series showcasing Christian leaders in science and technology and other related industries.

  • Complete manuscript for book and secure the distribution and marketing plan.

  • Plan, build and test: mentoring networks, local chapter formation, conference planning, fundraising programs and pursue grants.

Thank you for your participation, love, and support!